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running on empty.

i have zero rounds and i'm on safety.

5 December
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i'm nothing, i'm everything, whatever you want me to be. you see the question is, what do you want me to be?
lives in a strange world of her own where she has no national identity (not really) and stuck between cultures. listens to everything anytime of the day, everyday. the insanity is locked (lucky you) so if you want in you will have to come knocking here. this journal contains a lot of football, tennis and wtfuckery. take this as your one and only warning. ;D

.revolution begins with one step

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building things/built things, contraversial literary godfathers, crazy variation of music, daggerelio, die deutsche elf, gìomanch niall, hating being a londoner, ignoring patriotism, love affair con argentina, man!love/boy!love, my-claim-to-wagdom-thomas bird, otps of life, stella artois championships 2006, suwon samsung blue wings, team!argentina(de tenis), team!usa(dc champions), that private jet kid, the (mighty) reds, the (mighty) reds reserves, the original el niño